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Tag: Grandparent Issues

Firm Successful In Grandparent Visitation Dispute

The firm is pleased to announce its success in the NJ Supreme Court, paving a path for Grandparent Visitation for its clients and clarifying the law in this area in the State of New Jersey.  The firm, along with participating partners Laurie Newmark and John Clancy, share the decision as follows:  


Grandparent Visitation Case Heads To Nj Supreme Court

Partners Laurie L. Newmark and John E. Clancy will be scheduled to argue a matter before the N.J. Supreme Court in its next term in the matter of Major v. Maguire n/k/a DiLiberto in favor of Grandparent Visitation.  Certiorari has been granted in the matter, and the outcome is likely to have a lasting effect as to […]


Changes To Grandparents Visitation Law In Nj

In the reported matter of R.K. and A.K. v. D.L., Jr., A-2338-12T1, the subject matter concerned an appeal by the maternal grandparents relating to a request for visitation with the child (Olga) born of their recently deceased daughter. The parents were separated by divorce. The grandparents in that matter, while having an extensive relationship with […]


Grandparent Visitation

In a society increasingly moving away from the nuclear family, Grandparents are closer than ever with their Grandchildren. Grandparents are frequently taking on parental roles or acting as part time care givers where a child’s parents are separated or absent. What can you do if the parents of your grandchild refuse to allow you to […]


New Jersey Grandparents Right To Visitation

It is not uncommon in today’s day and age for grandparents to provide significant financial support for their grandchildren – and in some cases being the primary source of financial support. In fact according to the AARP, roughly 25 percent of grandparents spent more than $1,000 a year on their grandchildren – with 37 percent […]