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Retroactively Modifying Unallocated Child Support Morris County NJ

In any divorce where children are involved both child support and child custody are often the most important issues to both parties; with support having the biggest financial implications on the divorcing parties and also having a major effect on the children’s lives. As children grow older and reach the age of emancipation modifications to […]


Will I Need a Forensic Accountant in My Morris County Divorce Action?

Any separation and divorce can be complicated, however divorce in its simplest form is about dividing marital assets and debts in order that each spouse can continue their life free of the other. Sometimes the process can be relatively simple: house, cars, bank accounts, credit card bills. Other belongings may go to one spouse or the […]


Defining an Emergency in New Jersey Family Law

Often times, New Jersey Family Court litigants experience issues that require the immediate attention of the Court. Whether these issues arise during the pendency of a divorce or child custody dispute, or after the initial litigation has concluded, when emergencies arise in the context of a family dispute, it can be stressful for all parties […]


Applying Changes in NJ Alimony Policy to Your Divorce

In choosing a divorce attorney for your New Jersey divorce, it is important to make sure that you select an attorney and a firm that keeps apprised of changes in family law.  For instance, the alimony statute in New Jersey recently changed, as set forth below, and as a result, new cases are decided every day […]


The Question of Palimony: Taxable or Not?

Palimony provides relief for those couples who live together for extended periods of time and live as though married, yet never get that piece of paper to make it legal. In those instances where palimony is granted by the Courts, the question of its tax treatment still lingers. Is an award of palimony considered income, […]