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What Rights Do I Have as a Father After a Divorce in New Jersey?

When parents enter a divorce case, their biggest concern is often the custody of their child. During this time, there are many misconceptions that a child’s mother is awarded custody more often than a father. However, it is important for fathers to know that they are just as entitled to parental rights as a mother. […]


The Effects Of Natural Disasters On Divorce Families In New Jersey

New Jersey was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy and if the effects are anything like what Hurricane Katrina had on New Orleans, New Jersey families will be experiencing a rough time ahead. A natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy can indeed have a profound impact on a family in a variety of ways, including putting […]


New Jersey Court Alimony Doesnt Stop Just Because Of Boyfriend

Recently, a New Jersey Appellate Court determined that the ex-husband of a Morris County woman must continue paying alimony to his ex-wife because she was not in fact “living with” her new boyfriend. This determination was made even though it was argued that the new boyfriend not only kept clothes at the ex-wife’s house, but […]


Suri Set To Receive Millions In Child Support Following Tomkat Divorce

Many were surprised last month at the speed and efficiency that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were able to complete their divorce settlement – which reportedly only took 11 days after Holmes had filed for divorce. It is likely that the existence of a well-written prenuptial agreement signed before the “TomKat” marriage aided the parties […]


New Jersey Legislature Seeks To Re Examine State Alimony Laws

States throughout the nation struggle with the question of how alimony should be determined during divorce proceedings, and New Jersey is no different. Currently, New Jersey has no set formula for how alimony should be calculated and the question of alimony is generally left to the judge’s discretion as they analyze multiple factors. In New […]


International Child Custody Dispute Awaiting Divorce Proceeding

A New Jersey mother has finally been reunited with her two daughters. This came after an international child custody battle that began in August. She and her now-estranged husband are the parents of two little girls, ages three and four. Though the parents were separated, the family traveled together in August to the husband’s home […]