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Gay Divorce Issues In New Jersey And Neighboring States

New Jersey passed its civil union law in 2007 which allowed same-sex couples to have all of the benefits of traditional marriages under state law. New Jersey same-sex couples are not entitled to federal recognition under the Defense of Marriage Act, but the state of New Jersey holds same-sex unions on par with traditional marriage.

Same-sex couples were afforded all of the rights and downfalls of a traditional marriage, including divorce. Divorce can be a complicated and lengthy process for both same-sex and traditional couples. An experienced New Jersey family law attorney should be knowledgeable about the latest changes in New Jersey civil union laws and counsel clients through a same-sex divorce with the same attention and skill that traditional divorce clients receive.

The gay marriage debate is raging in many of our neighboring states, including New York. Advocates for gay marriages in that state note that same-sex unions could generate almost $400 million for the state in the first three years of legalizing gay marriage.

Some attorneys have also noted that same-sex relationships sour like many traditional relationships, and that gay divorce could also be a financial boon for New Yorkers.

“You’ve got some of the most wealthy, conservative lawyers coming out in support of same-sex marriage now because of the economic benefits,” one attorney said.

The costs of a divorce vary from state to state and depend on a variety of factors including whether the divorce is contested. Although the dissolution of any union is an unfortunate event, a divorce may be the best option for some couples and allow each partner to move forward with their lives in a positive manner.

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