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Morris County, NJ Divorce Lawyers

If you are going through a divorce, you have likely found yourself in a situation that you never intended nor anticipated. Emotions undoubtedly run high, and with your family and your future hanging in the balance, the stakes are infinitely higher. Perhaps your divorce is uncontested and you are simply seeking a resolution in the most time-efficient, cost-effective manner possible. Or perhaps your case is highly acrimonious, you and your spouse cannot agree on a single issue, and you are preparing for the long and challenging road ahead. With questions ranging from finances to family that must be answered before you can legally dissolve your marriage and move forward, the divorce process can seem entirely overwhelming. Our experienced New Jersey divorce lawyers can serve as your greatest asset throughout the divorce process, providing you with the support, guidance, and aggressive advocacy that you need to reach your desired outcome.

Divorce Lawyers | Representing Clients Throughout Morris County

Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark is one of the largest and most well-equipped family law firms in the state of New Jersey. We proudly serve clients throughout Morris County, including Morristown, Morris Plains, Hanover, East Hanover, Livingston, Parsippany, Roseland, Mendham, Randolph, and Madison. Our New Jersey divorce attorneys have the skill and experience to handle the most complex and contentious divorce situations, as we tackle critical issues ranging from child custody, to alimony, child support, and division of assets. Having assisted countless clients from all walks of life, we have the knowledge and resources to achieve positive outcomes for high-profile individualshigh-net-worth couples, and business owners and investors, as well as the compassion to support and advocate for parents and victims of domestic violence.

Our practice is built on the fundamental understanding that each case is entirely unique, and each client brings his or her own priorities and concerns. As a result, we tailor our strategies to best suit you and your family and customize solutions that best serve your needs. Overall, we refuse to lose sight of the person in the process. Contact us online today or contact our offices in Morris County at 973-840-8970 for a free, confidential consultation. One of our seasoned New Jersey divorce attorneys will be happy to discuss your case, answer your questions, and outline your available options.

Resolving New Jersey Divorce Matters

Ending a marriage involves carefully resolving all of the issues that will affect your future. These may require determinations regarding:

Alimony and Spousal Support

In some cases, one spouse will be given the right to receive regular support payments from the other, in order to maintain the standard of living that they enjoyed during the marriage. The applicability and amount of alimony is by no means concrete. In fact, alimony determinations are made on a case-by-case basis, after the Court considers a host of factors, ranging from the age and health to the earning potential of both spouses. We can counsel you on your rights and responsibilities in New Jersey, or help you seek modifications to existing orders of support.

Child Custody

Child custody often represents the most challenging of divorce-related issues, as each parent has his or her own ideas about the custody configuration that is in the best interests of the child. New Jersey differs between “physical” and “legal” custody. Physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child will live, while legal custody refers to the parent who is given the authority to make important decisions about how the child is raised (i.e. religious, medical, and educational decisions).

There are a multitude of potential child custody arrangements, ranging from sole physical and legal custody granted to one parent to shared physical and legal custody for both parents. We can help you to create a child custody agreement that best serves the needs of you and your family, and if possible, one that facilitates successful co-parenting for you and your spouse. However, if this is not a viable option, we will pursue a ferocious trial strategy that protects the interests of your children.

Division of Assets

In a divorce, issues of money are always complicated and can quickly become contentious. With questions surrounding separate versus marital property, shared businesses, investments, stock options, retirement accounts, tax obligations, and so many more, the need for a knowledgeable divorce attorney cannot be understated. Our team of divorce lawyers is well-versed in all financial aspects of New Jersey divorce, having successfully resolved some of the most complex property distribution cases.

In fact, Partner Paul H. Townsend is a distinguished legal resource in this area. He provides his expertise to clients and to the legal community, serving as a lecturer for the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education and Seton Hall University. He has also been published in the informational work Forensic Accounting in Matrimonial Divorce.

Deciding Your Avenue for Divorce in New Jersey

Your divorce will also require you to make some fundamental decisions regarding how the process will proceed. You may choose to pursue any of the following avenues to reach a resolution:

  • Contested divorce: If your relationship with your spouse is highly acrimonious, you may need to pursue the route of traditional litigation. Our trial-tested lawyers will fight for your rights in court.
  • No-fault divorceAt times, relationships simply do not work, despite both parties’ best efforts. When this is the case, our divorce attorneys will assist you and your spouse with resolving divorce-related issues in the most cost-effective and least contentious manner. This may require deft negotiation with your spouse’s attorney to arrive at an amicable marital settlement agreement. Our highly qualified mediators also provide divorce mediation services that allow you to maintain confidentiality and control of the process.
  • Collaborative divorce: If you and your spouse intend to work together to reach mutually beneficial agreements with respect to divorce issues, you may simply need a guiding hand to collaborate effectively. Our firm will assemble a skilled collaborative divorce team that can help you reach the best possible resolution.
  • Annulments and separations: Learn what your legal rights are if you do not believe that your marriage was legally valid or find out your available options if you are considering separating from your spouse without divorcing.

Considering Divorce? The Benefits of an Initial Consultation

Contact Our Morristown NJ Divorce Lawyers Today

Whether through mediation, litigation, or collaborative divorce, the talented New Jersey divorce attorneys at Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, are fully prepared to champion your interests and effectively resolve your case. Call 973-840-8970 or contact us online, for a free consultation with one of our seasoned divorce lawyers today.

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