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Alimony Modifications

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Awards for alimony (also called spousal support or spousal maintenance) are made based on the circumstances of each party at the time the award is made. When circumstances change, you have a right under New Jersey law to ask the court for a modification of the original spousal support order.

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Alimony Modifications in New Jersey

In order to request a spousal support modification, you or your ex-spouse must have undergone a significant and unforeseen life change. Examples may include:

  • A substantial decrease in your income due to long-term unemployment
  • A substantial increase in your ex-spouse’s income due to a new job
  • A long-term illness, retirement or other factors

Both alimony modifications and child support modifications are court procedures and should not be done through informal agreements. An informal agreement may not be enforceable if it is broken, and you may end up agreeing to something that is not fair based on the reality of both parties’ situations.

Whether it is done through negotiations or litigation, making your alimony modification official through the family court ensures that everyone has an opportunity to bring forward evidence of what has really changed since the original order was made.

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