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What is the Age of Emancipation in New Jersey?

December 11, 2019

When parents go through a divorce, there are many legal matters to take care of. This can include the sensitive topics of child custody and child support. After a divorce is final, it is imperative to the court that parents try to foster a stable life for their children. This requires them to have a […]


What Replaced Permanent Alimony in New Jersey?

December 9, 2019

When a divorce occurs where one spouse is financially dependent on the other, alimony may be ordered by the court. These are payments given to the dependent spouse to allow them stability until they are able to provide for themselves. If you are going through a divorce and seeking alimony, contact an experienced New Jersey […]


What Custody Arrangements Can be Made in New Jersey?

December 5, 2019

Going through a divorce is complicated and emotionally draining. This is even more so when children are involved in the process. In these cases, matters of child custody are taken into question. Parents who are going through a divorce must establish a plan for their children. If they are unable to do so on their […]


What is the Process of a Contested Divorce?

December 2, 2019

When two people get married, they often do not imagine a divorce in their future. However, certain circumstances can lead spouses to this point. When this happens, there are many cases in which spouses do not agree with one another regarding the terms of their divorce. This may include matters of child support, child custody, […]


What is a Post-Divorce Modification?

November 28, 2019

After a divorce is final, a family can move on with their life. Over time, they are usually presented with certain changes, causing life to not be the same as it was at the time of the divorce filing. It is because of this that the former spouses’ settlement agreement may no longer suit their […]


How is Domestic Violence Handled in New Jersey Courts?

November 27, 2019

The issue of domestic violence is a very real and scary problem that numerous people live through. It can strike the lives of anyone, regardless of their gender, age, or sexual orientation. When your partner is abusive, the most important thing that can be done is to seek help in order to remove yourself from […]


How Can I Get Divorced as a Member of the United States Military?

November 25, 2019

It is an unfortunate reality of life, but many couples find themselves in situations of divorce. This includes services members of the United States military and their spouses. When facing these situations, it is important to understand that there are certain ways this process is different from that of a regular civilian divorce process. It […]


Can I Modify Alimony Payments in New Jersey?

November 21, 2019

When spouses divorce and one is financially dependent on the other, alimony payments may be required. The amount that is owed in alimony is determined by the court. However, over time, situations may arise which lead one spouse to believe the amount owed in these payments should change. This may come months or even years […]


Should I Draft a Postnuptial Agreement?

November 20, 2019

There are many couples who do not draft and sign a prenuptial agreement with their fiance before they get married. This may be for a variety of reasons. However, they may change their minds at some point throughout the marriage and wish they had created an agreement regarding the future of their assets should they […]