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Oct 10, 2018

Morristown NJ Child Support Attorneys

Answering Your Frequently Asked Child Support Questions

Morris County NJ Family Law Attorneys
Child Support

Every family is different, and no two family law cases are exactly alike, so the specific answers to your child support questions may vary depending upon your situation. Below are some of the most common questions that our divorce and family law attorneys are asked about child support, but we are always available to address your unique concerns with a cost-free consultation.

To schedule a free initial consultation with our New Jersey child support lawyers, call 973-828-0829 today.

New Jersey Child Support Questions – Answered

How is the amount of child support calculated?

New Jersey child support is set based on factors such as each spouse’s income, the needs of the child and the custody arrangements. We can help you with the determination, enforcement and modification of New Jersey child support.

When can I stop paying child support?

Basically, your child support obligation will end when the child becomes self-sufficient or “emancipated.” Although this can vary, your child will usually be considered emancipated if he or she:

  • Turns 18 and does not pursue further education
  • Graduates from college, or in some instances, from graduate school
  • Joins the military
  • Gets married

You must file a motion with the court to have the child support order terminated. Do not assume you no longer have to pay simply because one of the above events occurred. Talk to our law firm to learn more.

How do I get child support increased or decreased?

In order to increase or decrease child support, you must obtain a child support modification from the court. The court will require proof of a substantial and involuntary change in income such as unemployment or your ex-spouse’s acquisition of a higher paying job. Refusing to seek employment or taking a lower paying job to avoid having to pay as much support is not allowed.

What if my ex is not paying me the child support I deserve?

If your child’s other parent is a “deadbeat dad” or “deadbeat mom” who is not paying court-ordered child support, you have options. You or your attorney can file a child support enforcement application with the Superior Court of New Jersey in the county where the child resides.

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