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Litigation And Appeals

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Litigation and Appeals

While everyone hopes he or she can resolve his or her divorce issues through mediation and agreement, the litigation process is there for a reason. Having a judge decide a case by applying objective legal standards may be the only way to get a fair result.

New Jersey family law requires mandatory mediation in divorce cases. However, even if you are eventually able to resolve all long-standing divorce issues through mediation, you may still need an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer to handle issues such as freezing of assets and temporary support payments.

If, in the long run, your spouse is unreasonable and will not agree to the results you deserve and are legally entitled to, you will want an attorney who is prepared to stand up for your rights before a judge.

Our divorce lawyers are highly experienced at identifying situations where litigation may be advisable, counseling clients on their options and aggressively pursuing their interests in the New Jersey family courts.

If you are concerned that your New Jersey divorce could end up in litigation, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

New Jersey Divorce Appeals Lawyers

If a family court judge rules against you on a controversial issue, you have a right to appeal that result. While divorce rulings are affirmed more often than they are reversed, there are circumstances where an appeal may be successful.

We have significant experience handling divorce appeals at the Superior Court Appellate Division and state Supreme Court levels, and we have the practical experience to counsel you on the advisability of an appeal. We can also pursue orders to prevent the trial court judgment from being implemented while the case is on appeal.

Contact us with any questions you may have about divorce litigation and appeals.