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Parental Rights And Obligations

New Jersey Lawyers: Helping Parents Understand Parental Rights and Obligations

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Parental Rights

All parents have rights and obligations when it comes to their children. It is important that both parents provide support and exercise their rights when it comes to seeing their children.

At Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, L.L.C., in Morristown, New Jersey, we are aggressive advocates for parents. Our firm focuses on family law cases and has extensive experience handling matters that deal with both mothers’ and fathers’ rights and obligations. If you have questions or concerns about your parental rights or obligations, contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Morristown parental obligations attorney at our firm.

Paternity in New Jersey

In some situations, the parentage of the child must be determined in order to see that the proper child support and child custody arrangements are made. Our firm can help clients on either side of a paternity issue, either a mother seeking a DNA test or a potential father wanting to compel the mother to provide the child for testing. Once paternity is established, the right individual can be involved in the child’s life.

Child Support in New Jersey

Even if a father does not want to acknowledge a child as his, although a paternity test may have established this fact, he has an obligation to pay child support in order to help provide for the child. Child support is an obligation that all parents must pay, regardless of whether or not they want to.

New Jersey Child Custody and Visitation

It is important that both parents have a role in raising a child, along with seeing the child on a regular basis. A child custody and/or visitation order should be created that preserves this right. We take the time to ensure our clients understand the many options they have when seeking the preservation of their physical access to the child, including:

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