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Over 50000 Moms Seeking Extramarital Affairs After Mothers Day

Infidelity is one of the largest contributing factors to New Jersey divorces. Although the womanizing husband is a stereotypical cause of marital estrangement, wives also engage in extramarital affairs, especially around holidays.

Fox News reports that over 50,000 mothers signed up for a controversial matchmaker website aimed at promoting extramarital affairs. The website’s motto is “Life is short. Have an affair.”

The website founder said that holidays are a busy time for his website and that 52,684 moms nationwide signed up on the day after mother’s day. The founder said that women, especially mothers, expected to receive extra attention on Mother’s Day and that the disappointed women flock to his site to take advantage of the one-day offer of free messages.

“Holidays are litmus tests,” he said. “If that is the day you’re expecting to be treated well and you are left feeling empty that may be the impetus for starting an affair. We are trying to turn the miserable outcomes into a positive thing.”

The founder said that the average age of the moms messaging on the site was 36-years-old and that 68 percent of these women are stay-at-home mothers who are seeking to validate their feelings of disappointment after Mother’s Day.

“If you sign up for a service like this, and a day later you have six people interested in you, that is a revalidation of a time when your partner paid attention to you in that way,” the founder said. “I genuinely believe this is what a large percentage of these women are seeking.”

Source: Fox News, “Dating Site: 52, 684 Moms Looking to Cheat After Disappointing Mother’s Day,” Kate Rogers, 5/12/11