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Tony Danza No Longer The Boss After Marriage Officially Ends

Sometimes a high-asset divorce takes longer to resolve than those where a great deal of marital assets are not at stake. Many New Jersey residents know who Tony Danza is. Many remember laughing along with his character in the sitcom “Who’s the Boss?”

Danza’s separation from his wife in 2006 got attention from tabloids and celebrity journalism outlets at the time, but many likely didn’t realize that he only recently got divorced earlier this month. It is unknown why the divorce took so long to finalize. Perhaps there could have been debates about who would get what from the couple’s assets. This can happen when there is a great deal of wealth at stake.

Danza and his wife first married in 1986. And even though they separated in 2006, divorce papers were not filed until approximately two years ago. Danza was previously married, from 1970 to 1974, but had a daughter with that woman in 1983 when they reconciled for a brief time. Perhaps Danza and his new ex-wife took so long because they wanted to make sure they were making the right choice as well?

Danza and his new ex-wife have two daughters, one born in 1987 and one born in 1993. But since both are adults, there are no child support or custody issues that need to be decided. There would have been had they gotten divorced when they first separated.

It’s important to remember that all marriages are unique and every couple has the right to pursue a divorce the way they want to. For some couples, separating for a certain length of time may make them want to reunite, and for others it may the opposite effect.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, “Tony Danza’s divorce finalized – finally!” Christie D’Zurilla, Feb. 8, 2013