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Alleged Domestic Violence Incident Leads To Obstruction Charges

A New Jersey man was charged with obstructing the administration of the law following an alleged domestic violence incident that occurred on May 16. Patrol officers responded to a report of domestic violence at a townhouse complex in Readington Township just before 2:00 a.m.

One of the officers reportedly found the man’s girlfriend hiding behind a car in the parking lot, and she told the police officer that she was hiding from her live-in boyfriend after he had assaulted her. The woman reportedly had signs of injury on her face. She also took the officer inside their townhouse to show him a hole that her boyfriend had allegedly punched in the wall.

The other officer then located her boyfriend who was attempting to leave the development on foot. He was placed under arrest on charges of simple assault. Later, he was charged with obstructing the administration of the law when he refused to sit in the police car. In addition, he allegedly refused to be fingerprinted or to give his pedigree information when asked.

The man was placed in the Hunterdon County Jail instead of paying a $1,000 bail. The woman declined to apply for a temporary restraining order or to receive any medical attention.

In many cases of alleged domestic violence, there are few or no witnesses to the actual events other than the purported victim, which can make it difficult for law enforcement to obtain a clear picture of the events that actually transpired. When conflict arises in a relationship, heated emotions may lead one partner to make allegations against the other, or one individual may actually act out violently.

Family law attorneys may be able to provide protection for victims in the form of a restraining order or defend individuals falsely accused of assault. Analyzing the details of a police report and accounts given to police may be able to help build a solid defense.

Source: New Jersey Hills, “Domestic violence leads to charges of obstruction“, May 31, 2013