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Terrence Howard Claims He Cannot Make Spousal Support Payment

New Jersey celebrity watchers may be interested to learn that Terrence Howard, who was ordered to pay his third ex-wife $325,000 in spousal support, has asked the judge to throw out the settlement. According to the report, Howard claimed that he was blackmailed into paying the support even though he knew that he could not afford the payment.

The actor, who starred in movies such as “Iron Man” and “The Butler,” reportedly pays most of his income to his first ex-wife, with whom he has three children. After paying her child support and spousal support, Howard claimed that he was left with just $6,000 a month.

In the documents, Howard stated that he and his most recent ex-wife were only married for one year. As a result, he argued that he should not be required to make the payments. The settlement also included a protective order, which resulted in Howard agreeing to stay away from his ex-wife for the next three years after she argued that he physically abused her. The actor reportedly signed the agreement without admitting that these claims were true.

When a divorce occurs, one person may be ordered to pay a spousal support or child support agreement to help their ex-spouse get back on their feet, especially if the person made more than their ex. However, circumstances do change, and that person may no longer be able to afford the payments that they were ordered to make. If this happens, an attorney may be able to help their client file the paperwork and gather important documents to show that the person cannot make the payments. As a result, they may be able to have the spousal support or child support payments reduced or dismissed altogether depending upon the situation.

Source: Daily News, “Terrence Howard says he can’t afford spousal support for ex-wife, only makes $6,000 a month: report“, Zayda Rivera, July 28, 2014