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New Jersey Child Support Services

New Jersey’s child support program offers multiple services to parents who are seeking a child support order. The state provides help to parents in several ways, whether it is to enforce an existing order or to establish a new one.

A parent may obtain a child support order against the other parent by applying at the local child support office. They will need to provide information regarding their own income and expenses and the identity and location of the other parent. If they do not know where the other parent is, the child support office will provide help in locating them and obtaining their income information for a child support amount determination.

If the presumed father denies paternity and the parents are unmarried, the child support office will provide help through DNA testing in order to establish paternity. In addition to child support, the non-custodial parent will also be required to pay for medical care for the child. If the parent does not pay after being ordered to do so, the child support program will help enforce the order by taking action against the parent for nonpayment.

New Jersey has guidelines by which child support is established. These guidelines provide the courts with presumptive child support amounts depending on the relative incomes and custody rights of each party. A person with a previous child support order who is having difficulty paying because of a change in circumstances may be able to have the amount adjusted by filing a motion to modify the child support order with the court. Child support and medical support are designed for the benefit of the child in order to help the child enjoy the standard of living he or she would otherwise have enjoyed.

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