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Holiday Parenting Time Visitation

Every divorce lawyer will tell you that the most stressful part of the last two weeks of December is handling disputes between parents regarding who will have parenting time over the holidays, and determining what the schedule will be.  Regardless of how much planning goes into a parenting time schedule, often times “life happens” and situations arise where agreements are unclear, and last minute plans need to be made, or plans change.  If you are unlucky enough to find yourself fighting over who will enjoy the holidays with the children this year, and need to make use of the court system, know your court and know your judge.  Different courts and different judges take different approaches as to whether the court will even get involved on an “emergent,” last minute basis.  A consultation with an experienced family law attorney can help you make your choice as to how to proceed this holiday season, and help you plan better so that next seasons is more enjoyable.

Happy Holidays from the family law attorneys at Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, L.L.C.