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The Importance Of A Case Information Statement 1

The Case Information Statement (or “CIS”) is arguably the most important document that you will create during the divorce process, especially if there are issues of support or other financial questions in your case. The Case Information Statement is a document which is filed with the court setting forth the financial details ofyour case. Financial information included on the CIS includes both parties’ incomes (for the last full  year and year-to-date), a schedule of your average monthly budget (both during the marriage and current), and a schedule of assets and liabilities. If the CIS is filled out correctly, it will paint a picture of the marital lifestyle, the lifestyle since the divorce process began, and pave the way for the final resolution. The CIS is essential, regardless of whether issues are resolved through mediation or are brought to the Court for resolution. When you are asking for temporary support, the Court will make a determination of a fair figure based upon the parties’ Case Information Statements. The temporary support figure is also a good indicator of the final support order. Therefore, in order to come to a timely and fair resolution of your case, it is extremely important to take the Case Information Statement seriously, and to fill it out as accurately as possible.