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Property Valuation In New Jersey Divorce Cases

Divorce law in New Jersey stipulates that marital property be distributed equitably. While this does not mean that all assets must be divided equally, it does mean that both spouses should come away from the marriage with assets that have been divided in a fair manner. This often leads to contentious disputes between spouses regarding the value of property such as real estate, art collections, business holdings and investment portfolios.

If you are considering getting a divorce in New Jersey, placing an accurate value on marital property is very important. At our firm, we often call upon various experts to provide assistance. Forensic accountants, CPAs and investment specialists may be required to provide an assessment of your business interests and investments, and appraisers could be brought in to estimate the value of your artwork and collectibles. Real estate may make up a significant portion of your marital assets, and recent sales of similar properties are likely to be examined to provide accurate data.

Our extensive experience with complex property valuations allows us to take into account considerations other than the amount that an asset could be sold for. Property such as real estate requires maintenance and repairs, and we factor this innto negotiations over property division. The future value of investments is another important aspect of these discussions.

Property division is often a contentious part of divorce proceedings, especially when one of the parties owns a business or has valuable retirement or financial accounts. We advocate strongly on behalf of our clients in order to get them what they deserve. If you would like additional information on the services that we can provide with respect to these matters, please visit our page dealing with complex asset valuation.