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When Your Conduct Equals Contempt Violation Of Restraining Orders

Generally, it is not difficult to imagine a situation where an individual is in violation of a Temporary or Final Restraining Order. We typically think of a situation where a person contacts or communicates with the person protected by the restraining order. However, there can be a grey area wherein unintentional conduct may lead to contempt of a restraining order. For example, you can still be found in contempt even if the individual consents to the contact or communication or if the restraining order is evenutally withdrawn or dismissed, as long as the conduct takes place while the Order is in effect. Even conduct that you may dismiss as inconsequential, such as dropping a child’s carseat off at the front door or sending an item in the mail may constitute a violation and lead to a contempt charge. Therefore, it is extremely important to remain in strict adherence to the terms of the Order, and take any questions or concerns to a qualified attorney prior to taking action. 

By: Alyssa L. Bongiovanni