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Am I In An Abusive Relationship

Morris County NJ Domestic Violence AttorneysWhen you are in love, it may be difficult to see you are in an abusive relationship. This is especially true if there is not real physical violence. Perhaps your friends all over New Jersey have said something about it, but you brushed it off as your partner “having a bad day” or “just being assertive.” It is important for you to recognize if you’re your partner is abusive, especially if there are children involved.

Unfortunately, those who are in abusive relationships are often blind to the problems. This is because it almost never happens all at once. Maybe your partner loses their temper or berates you for their own mistakes. These small instances soon build into full-blown abuse, yet you may still find it hard to leave because of your feelings toward your partner.

There are certain signs of non-physical abuse that can seem normal after a while. You should ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your partner control your finances? This is different from making a budget together.
  • Are you often yelled at or threatened?
  • Does your partner limit your social life or even isolate you from friends?
  • Do you often feel coerced into being intimate?

These are just some of the signs of abuse. Physical abuse is much easier to diagnose, at least from the outside looking in. If you are purposefully and forcefully punched, kicked or in some other way assaulted, this is a sure sign of abuse.

If you are in an abusive relationship, you need to first get to a safe place as quickly as possible. Then call the police and file for a protective order. Calling a family law attorney may also be advisable if you plan to press charges against your partner.