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The Many Variables In Calculating Child Support

Morris County NJ Child Support LawyersOne of the many sources of frustration for separated or divorced clients with children is determining child support. Often, clients will say, “My husband/wife makes “x” per year, doesn’t s/he have to pay a percentage of his/her pay? Is there a chart you can use to calculate child support?”

Clearly, a noncustodial parent has an obligation to pay child support for their children. But, calculating the actual child support amount is a fact sensitive, case by case analysis. Despite the fact that New Jersey Courts are obligated to utilize the Child Support Guidelines to calculate child support, many variables can change the actual amount to be paid. Some of those variables are the following:

a) Obligations to contribute towards mandatory union dues;

b) The existence of prior child support orders;

c) Work related child care costs;

d) The cost of health insurance coverage for the child;

e) Other dependents being supported by the noncustodial parent.

These factors will have an effect on the child support amount awarded to the custodial parent. An experienced family law attorney can determine the appropriate level of child support and guide you through the process in your specific case. Posted by Maria A. Giammona, Esq.


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