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Custody Battles In New Jersey

Morris County NJ Child Custody attorneysIt is not uncommon for parents going through a divorce to believe that they are getting embroiled in a custody battle that is in the best interests of their children. Although people may truly believe that their kids need to be cared for solely by themselves, this may not be the reality of the situation. According to one expert, emotional facts, information that is emotionally generated and not accurate, may lead people to believe they are in a situation that requires legal action when it is not actually necessary.

It is a common belief by parents that their children are not affected by a custody battle, but this is also frequently not the case. When people engage in custody battles, children may come to the conclusion that fighting is more important than they are. Additionally, parents tend to believe they are much better able to insulate a child from a divorce than is actually the case.

Custody battles may also pit children against their parents. Children may be bribed by parents so that they say certain things in court, and parents may also tell their children things that are not true, or at least not accurate, to sway their opinion.

Although child custody battles during a divorce can be unnecessarily contentious, it does that mean that there is no place for them. In situations where a parent is not able to provide a safe place for children or in situations where parents are simply not able to agree on custody, the courts are needed to determine these matters. A lawyer may be able to assist a parent in seeking a custody arrangement that is appropriate.