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Some Suprisingly Superb Things About Life After Divorce

Morris County NJ Divorce Benefits AttorneysAfter having run the marathon known as your divorce, you are hard-pressed to plan a future.  Then the dust settles and you begin to see that you are more than your relationship status. You realize that life goes on, and may even be better. So what are some surprisingly superb things about life after divorce? Read on to find out.

You Rediscover Yourself

Most likely the demise of your marriage didn’t happen over night. There’s a good chance that while your relationship deteriorated, you somehow became a different person to cope with the situation. Perhaps you were a no nonsense, go-getter, who was dealing with an unhappy partner for an extended period of time, and ultimately lost your can do approach to life. Divorce is a wonderful opportunity for you to reconnect with the strong, confident you, who can handle anything.  And if you’ve just been through a divorce and come out the other side, what better proof do you need that this is the real you?

You Can Manage Your Free Time

You no longer need to bend to the will of another. It’s your choice – what movie to see, television show to watch, or take-out in which to indulge, without concern for anyone else.

You Get to Write Chapter Two

Once you realize that divorce means the completion of your chapter one, you can welcome the beginning of the second chapter of your life.  And you are the sole author of this chapter, in that you can learn from past relationships and settle for no less than that to which you are entitled.

You are Free from Your In-Laws

For some, this may be the number one perk.

Sharing Custody Weekends Has Its Perks

Depending on your child custody arrangement, it can be liberating to be off the clock with your children every other weekend.  You may not get much time to yourself, and those weekends provide the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself.  You can binge watch your favorite show, let the dishes pile up, or stay out late.

Your Relationships With Your Children Can Flourish

Before divorce, your home may have been riddled with stress. Your children may have sensed the tension. Now that the divorce is final, you have the opportunity to build on your relationship with your children, without the added stress. You can appreciate them for who they are, and purely enjoy the time you spend together.

You Can Focus On Your Goals

Your goals are no longer on the back burner. You may have been so preoccupied with trying to save your relationship that you forgot to take care of yourself.  Now is a great time to rediscover the importance of taking care of yourself and realize that you deserve it!

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