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Tips For Sharing Custody This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a family-oriented holiday. It is a day to celebrate what we are thankful for, and for many, the answer is family. It is only natural for parents to want to spend the day with their children. But, for divorced couples, this is not always possible. The holidays can be a difficult time for families of divorce, so it is important to find the best ways for you and your family to celebrate in a fun and fair way, making sure all parties are happy and satisfied. It is important to remember holidays and other notable dates when it comes to creating your custody agreement. This will remove any confusion, miscommunication, or discrepancies when it comes time to celebrate the festivities. Every family is different, so every family will have a different arrangement that works for them. Below you will find some common ways that divorced parents celebrate Thanksgiving.

Tips for Sharing the Holiday:

Alternating Years

Many couples share important holidays by alternating years. Taking turns is always a great way to keep things fair and even. This is an arrangement that works well for lots of families.

Splitting up The Day

You may want to share the day. Your ex-spouse can spend the morning watching the parade with the kids, before sending them over to you for dinner. This is a great way for both parties to spend time with the kids and get creative. Try making turkey sandwiches for lunch to go along with the Thanksgiving turkey tradition. Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with a dinner, so you and your ex-spouse may want to take turns, alternating who gets the morning every year.

Change The Date

Thanksgiving is celebrated the last Thursday of November, but there is nothing wrong with celebrating on a Friday instead. If your ex has the kids this year, plan your own Thanksgiving the day before or after. This allows you to take turns spending time with the children without having to wait a full year for your Thanksgiving with the kids. This can be a fun way to create new traditions with your family.

Spend it Together

While this is not an option for the majority of couples, some divorced couples choose to continue spending holidays together. If you think this is an arrangement that could work for you and your family, consider discussing it with your ex.

If you would like to create a custody agreement, or modify an existing custody arrangement, reach out to our firm today. We want to help you find the best ways to spend time with your children.


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