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How to Share Custody Over Christmas | What to Know

The holidays can be a difficult time for parents who are divorced but share custody. It is likely that each parent will want to spend Christmas with their children. You may be wondering how you should handle custody when it comes to the holidays. For the most part, the right answer is to simply do what is best for the children. But what are the different options? How can you decide what to do? Read on to learn more about handling custody over the holidays.

What Are my Custody Options?

Every family is different, so every custody arrangement will be different. Below you will find a few different ways to split up the holidays. What works for one family, may not work for another family. It is important to figure out the best arrangement for you and your children.

Alternate years: This is one of the most common ways that divorced parents handle holiday custody with their kids. During your divorce, you will ideally make a schedule for custody. When making this schedule, you should take important dates into account. These dates may include holidays, birthdays, vacations from school, and any other special occasions you deem important. For many, alternating years is a fair agreement. It means you can take turns, and there is little room for miscommunication because there is a set schedule.

Share the day: You may want to split the holiday up between yourself and your ex-spouse. For example, you spend Christmas Eve with the children, and your ex has them Christmas Morning. This is a great way to create new traditions with your kids. Maybe you spend the night opening presents, drinking hot chocolate, and watching your favorite holiday movies, and your ex can spend the morning with them, opening presents and eating a festive breakfast.

Spend it together: Some divorced couples continue to spend the holidays together. This is not a common option, but if you feel it would work well for you and your family, it may be something to discuss. This year especially, many holiday events are being held remotely, so you may be able to spend the holidays together over video chat, rather than in-person.

Keep yourself in mind: If your ex has the kids this year for Christmas, you can still partake in some of your favorite holiday traditions and surround yourself with your loved ones.

If you would like to change your custody arrangement, or you have any questions about how to share custody over the holidays, contact our firm to discuss your various options and what might work best for you.

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