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Types of Adoption in New Jersey | What to Know

Adoption is an incredible act. Many families and individuals choose to adopt for many different reasons. Because each family is so different and has varied needs and reasons for adopting, there are different types of adoptions. If you are wondering which type of adoption may work best for you and your loved ones, read on to learn more about the types of adoption in New Jersey.

Open and Closed Adoptions

A closed adoption does not allow for contact between the child’s adoptive parents and biological parents. The identity of both parties is kept private and the adoption records are sealed. 

Open adoption allows for communication between the two families. This can include having the adoptive parents send pictures or updates, and sometimes even includes visitations.

Private Adoptions

One of the most common types of adoptions, private adoption is when the birth parents voluntarily place their child for adoption. Oftentimes, this means they can choose the family that adopts their child.  

Stepchild Adoptions

In some cases, a stepparent will adopt his or her stepchild. This type of adoption can be more complicated because in New Jersey, a child can only have two legal guardians. This means that in order for a stepparent to adopt his or her stepchild, one of the parent’s legal guardians will have to give up or lose parental rights.

Adopting a Grandchild

There are cases in which grandparents adopt their grandchild. This may be in the event that parents struggle with physical or mental fitness, incarceration, substance abuse, economic hardship, or the child needs to be removed from his or her home. Through adoption, a grandparent can obtain all parental rights and responsibilities. 

Domestic and International Adoptions

Domestic adoption occurs when a child who was born in the United States is adopted by a family who lives in the United States. International adoption is when a child who was not born in the United States and is living in another country is adopted by a family in the United States. This process tends to involve a lot of travel. 

Adoption of a Special Needs Child

A special needs adoption is when a child with physical, emotional, or mental disorders/syndromes is adopted. This can include children who previously came from homes with a history of neglect, abuse, or were prenatally exposed to drugs or alcohol.

There are other forms of adoption, so it is important to speak with a family law attorney to determine which option is best for you.

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