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What Are the Most Common Child Custody Mistakes in New Jersey?

One of the most important and most sensitive elements of a divorce is child custody. To learn more about the common mistakes that parents make during and after divorce. continue reading and reach out to one of our experienced Morris County NJ divorce lawyers today.

1. Losing focus on your children during the divorce

If you are going through a divorce, it is likely that you have a lot on your plate. In some cases, you may have to move out of your house, deal with social concerns with your family and friends, try and get your finances in order, and organize your legal case, while also internally battling the stress and heartbreak that a divorce naturally brings. If you have kids, it is crucial that you keep your focus on them during this time. In the event that you miss your visitation or custodial time together, or if you start to miss phone calls and other events, you may lessen the chances of your custody circumstances by the time the court makes a decision. No matter what challenges you are facing, you should always try and put your children first.

2. Withholding alimony or child support

If you are told by the court to pay spousal support or child support either during a divorce or as part of a final divorce decree, it is critical that you pay your dues. If you are facing financial challenges, you can ask the court to reduce your support responsibility. Otherwise, you are legally bound to keep paying. Even if your former spouse violates their obligations by, for instance, preventing you from taking visitation or custody, you should go to the court, instead of trying to handle the issue on your own. The court will hold either party who violates their court-mandated obligations in contempt, resulting in penalties including fines, wage garnishment, reduced custody, and even jail time.

3. Withholding visitation

On the other hand, if your former spouse owes you child support and denies paying, you may want to take your concerns to the court. You will not want to punish your former partner by withholding visitation. Refusing to let a parent have their court-mandated parenting time is a violation of a court order and, in extreme cases, it may even be construed as kidnapping. Reach out to our firm today and speak with one of our skilled Morris County NJ divorce lawyers today to learn more.


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