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Can I Get 50/50 Custody?

Most of the time when people think of custody arrangements, they think of one parent having the kids most of the time and the other getting visitation rights for select weekdays, weekends, and holidays. However, it is possible to ask for a 50/50 custody arrangement in which both parents spend equal time with the kids. It’s not always an option that’s obviously on the table in family court, but our Morris County, NJ child custody attorneys can help you come to such an agreement if you want it.

How Does 50/50 Custody Work?

When you have 50/50 custody, you and your spouse spend equal time with your children. They can go back and forth between each parent’s home and there’s no waiting for your specified weekend to come around so that you can go and spend some time with them.

This kind of arrangement can sometimes eliminate the need for child support due to the fact that there is no “custodial parent” that the children spend the majority of their time with. However, child support may still be ordered in situations where there is a large income gap between the parents.

What Are the Benefits of 50/50 Custody?

There are some upsides to a 50/50 custody arrangement. Some potential benefits include:

  • The opportunity for children to form strong bonds with both of their parents
  • More balance in your co-parenting arrangement
  • More involvement for both parents
  • A child is less likely to develop feelings of loss or abandonment

What Are Some Potential Drawbacks?

No arrangement is perfect though. A 50/50 custody arrangement can sometimes have more potential for disagreements between parents. The arrangement might also be stressful for a child, especially if they are young. Getting shuttled back and forth between two different homes each week could overwhelm them.

What Do Parents Need to Do to Make This Arrangement Work?

This arrangement is also going to take some work on your end. Both parents need to be committed to making sure that everyone benefits from this plan. It can help if:

  • The parents can communicate with each other in a civil manner
  • Parents can place the health and well-being of the children above their own feelings and issues with each other
  • The child is fine with switching homes often
  • Both residences are located in the same general area

If this sounds like something that you can handle, going to mediation and working out a 50/50 custody arrangement with your ex might be a good plan.

Talk to an Experienced Family Lawyer

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