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Man Who Journeyed To Moon Is On His Third Journey To Divorce

A man who has survived the journey to and from and the environment of the moon has decided that he couldn’t withstand his marriage. According to recent reports, American hero Buzz Aldrin has filed to divorce his third wife, Lois Driggs Aldrin.

The former astronaut filed the papers in California last week, and new details related to the surprising split have developed. It sounds like there is already a complex battle over financial and business matters in this high-profile case.

Courthouse News Service reports that the filing for divorce has already sparked a separate lawsuit. A company that Aldrin, his estranged wife and stepdaughter began in 2007 is suing Aldrin. The suit reportedly alleges that Aldrin is trying to knock his estranged family out of the company’s equation.

The business exists as a sort of public relations firm for Aldrin alone and was started and run in large thanks to his estranged wife and stepdaughter. Aldrin has reportedly asked that company accounts be frozen and requested that the company’s business contacts not communicate with the company; rather, they should contact Aldrin directly.

Aldrin’s exact motivation behind his reported business requests has not been disclosed. It sounds, however, like he might be making moves to try to separate his professional income from that of his soon-to-be wife, whom he has credited for reviving his career in the past. Sources have not yet reported whether the couple has a prenuptial agreement.

This high-profile divorce is sure to remain in the headlines for some time, and we will post an update as new developments arise.


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