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Notorious Dc Wedding Crashers Marriage Crashes And Burns

Even if you are not a fan of Bravo’s one season of “The Real Housewives of D.C,” you probably would recognize the faces of Tareq and Michaele Salahi. Before they were given a spot of the now-canceled Bravo show, the Salahis became part of a great controversy when they crashed a 2009 White House party together.

During the celebrity couple’s short stint on reality TV, it was clear that they were an interesting couple who found themselves at the center of disputes quite often. They seemed like no strangers to scandal, and now there is a new scandal about them in the headlines. Tareq has reportedly filed to divorce his wife because she is cheating on him with a member of a famous ’80s rock band.

According to various recent reports, the Salahis had a friendly relationship with the band Journey, of “Don’t Stop Believing” fame. The supposed friendship, however, has reportedly escalated to something more serious for Michaele, as reports indicate that she has been having an affair with the band’s guitarist Neal Schon for months.

Tareq recently caused quite a media stir when he tweeted that his wife was missing. But it turns out that Michaele was not in any danger; rather, she was with her new man, Schon. Her supposed relationship with the famous band member has moved Tareq to file for divorce. He accuses his wife of humiliating and hurting him by flaunting her “adulterous” relationship before their families, friends and the public.

As mentioned earlier, this couple has a history of stirring up scandal. Some suspect that this new infidelity story might be the couple’s attempt to get back in the spotlight again. We will see, as we follow the case and post updates when there are new developments.

Source “Report: White House Party Crasher Files for Divorce,” Sep. 16, 2011