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Flaws In Alimony Law Leading To Unfair Rulings Next Door

While all laws should equally benefit everyone in society regardless on their socioeconomic position, some clearly contain flaws. According to some family law critics, one piece of flawed legislation is the new law that identifies a formula in which alimony is paid in New York.

The spirit of the law assigns no fault in a divorce and aims to keep the lesser-earning spouse from having to struggle with a limited income. Having an alimony formula is meant to keep judges in line with each other when assigning alimony payments, creating some consistency in the family law process.

However, according to reports in The Wall Street Journal, for wealthier New Yorkers, sometimes the alimony awarded is so excessive that the lesser-earning spouse winds up having far more resources once the monthly check is written. To add insult to injury, additional court expenses and child support are often tacked on to these payments.

Like many laws that are in their infancy, actually trying to follow them reveals blemishes that will ultimately call for some legislative clean up. In the meantime, it is up to New York lawyers to do what they can to keep alimony payments fair and work aggressively at the side of their clients and with the system to make things right.

Alimony struggles affect many after divorce. There are also many in New Jersey who wind up having a difficult time adjusting to their new budget after an alimony ruling. If your court order seems unbalanced, taking time to consult with an experienced family law attorney in New Jersey may help you regain a sense of fairness and help assure that you and your ex-spouse can both move forward with your lives comfortably.


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