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Dog Whisperers Divorce Settlement Screams Hes Got Secrets

Even though we talk about divorce all of the time and discuss similar matters that come up within nearly all of them, it remains true that every couple has their individual story. Many couples will cite the predictable “irreconcilable differences” when filing divorce papers, but there is always a unique set of circumstances that the public generally doesn’t get to learn about.

The pet lovers out there probably know who Cesar Millan is. He is the “Dog Whisperer,” having starred on TV as the man who can help solve dog issues that owners struggle with. While he’s got the magic touch with animals, his magic touch didn’t work to keep his marriage together. Now, details are coming out about the celebrity divorce settlement, including alimony, child support and more.

Millan was married to his wife for about 16 years. They called it quits in 2010, with the divorce process only now coming to an end. TMZ reports that Millan and his ex have agreed to spousal support and property division terms. From what it sounds like, Millan has decided his wife’s secrecy is worth a pretty penny.

According to the legal documents, Millan has agreed to pay his ex a lump sum of $400,000, plus he will continue to give her monthly payments of $20,000. He will also pay another $10,000 a month for the pair’s children. Though numbers are interesting to know, it’s a stipulation connected to the divorce settlement that has the public raising their eyebrows.

Part of the above agreement is that Millan’s ex-wife has to keep silent about their personal relationship. She is also prohibited from sharing any video, recordings or photographs involving the star that are not already publically distributed as part of his work.

This aspect of the divorce agreement leaves some wondering what kind of secrets exist regarding Millan and his marriage. They speculate whether there are sex tapes starring the “Dog Whisperer.” Unless Millan comes forward to share those secrets, we will likely never know. Perhaps his family law attorneys have some idea, though they certainly would never tell due to their ethical obligations to their client.

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