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Long Relationship Didnt Prevent Divorce For Funnyman And Wife

If a couple dates for more than a decade and then decides to get married, you might think that the marriage would last. But famous comic actor Martin Lawrence and his wife are proving that theory wrong.

Reuters reports that Lawrence filed the divorce papers late last month that would start the high asset divorce process to end his and his wife’s two-year marriage. Though their legal union was quite brief, the couple reportedly dated for 15 years before tying the knot. Marriage just isn’t the ideal situation for some couples.

The couple has two daughters together, which could make for a contentious divorce process for some parents. But so far, it sounds like the Lawrences have a plan regarding child custody. According to the divorce papers, Lawrence filed to share joint legal custody of the kids. Whether that setup would satisfy his soon-to-be ex is for the coming months to tell.

Celebrity divorces tend to be high net worth divorces. That usually leaves the public and media wondering whether a prenuptial agreement is in place. Reuters suggests that the couple does have a prenup that indicates how the division of property will go.

Will this divorce be an amicable one? The couple reportedly shares the goal of remaining friends for the sake of their family. If either of the two were to make the divorce process drag on and begin throwing out blame or accusations, then remaining friends and protecting the children becomes harder.

So, maybe the couple’s years and years of being together didn’t save their marriage, but it may have prepared them to approach divorce in a friendlier, more caring way.

Source: Reuters, “Martin Lawrence Seeks Divorce, Joint Custody of Kids,” Andrew Chow, May 1, 2012