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Gender Neutrality In The Lawreally

Read the New Jersey statutes on child custody, child support and alimony and there is not one gender specific reference contained within them.  Yet people still have the impression that only women get alimony or that only women have custody of their children.  I am happy to say that this is not true.  We have taken great strides forward in recognizing that either parent can be a custodial parent and that economic circumstances are such that either party could be a recipient of alimony.

Is that really what is happening though?  As much as we might like to think it is no longer the case, societal stereotyping and tradition still have a bearing on some decisions in the Family Courts. Personal experiences and preferences of the Court may have a bearing on the ultimate outcome.  If something is borderline, for example, the Court may lean one way over another based upon their own biases.  There is nothing inherently wrong with that; people are only human.  But you need to be cognizant of this fact when you walk into a courtroom.  

For this reason, it is invaluable to you as a litigant to have an experienced litigator by your side who can give you practical advice and direction on the Court and what the best approach is for your situation.  Posted by Elizabeth A. Calandrillo, Esq.