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What Do I Do if I’m Sick With Coronavirus and my Ex-Spouse Can’t Care for our Kids?

The spread of the Coronavirus throughout the state of New Jersey and the rest of the world has led to many life changes for people. Everyday life consists of stay-at-home orders and self isolation, as well as hospitalization for some. No one is able to predict what tomorrow can bring, which is why it is important to have a plan in place just in case the illness were to reach your family. These plans can include what you are to do if you become sick with the virus and your former spouse is also unable to care for your children. When this happens, there are steps that can be taken to make sure your children are taken care of during this time.

It is crucial that a plan is created before anything should happen to a family member. This allows you to be prepared and not caught off guard. A plan for children can include establishing a power of attorney, naming a legal guardian who can care for them if you are sick and your ex-spouse cannot provide child care either. In these situations, a Limited Power of Attorney may be the best choice, as it allows another person the right to act in certain areas within a designated time limit. This can include becoming a legal guardian during the Coronavirus outbreak. If parents do not do this and find themselves unable to care for their children, a relative can go to the court to be appointed as kinship legal guardian.

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