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Police Officer Helps Struggling Single Dad

New Jersey parents might be inspired to hear that a police officer helped a struggling single dad after he found his son walking around Fort Myers without any shoes on. The officer transported the boy to his home where he saw that there was no furniture in the home and that the boy had hardly any clothing.

The officer and his lieutenant ended up buying the boy some shoes and clothes. Then, they helped supply the boy and his father with furniture for their apartment via donations from a local church. The father of the boy reportedly has full custody of the child, but has to pay child support for two other children that he has from a previous relationship.

Police say that the father works six days out of the week and doesn’t collect child support or government assistance for his son. The officers were inspired to help, and the father stated that he was in no position to decline their aid and that any help that he received right now was a blessing.

Single parents who are struggling to support their children on their own might benefit from consulting a family law attorney who could help seek child support for their children. Under state laws, it is a parent’s responsibility to financially provide for his or her child until the child turns 18.

Sometimes parents might not receive child support for their children because they were never married to the child’s mother or father and, therefore, didn’t establish child support payments in a divorce settlement. However, that does not mean that they can’t file a motion for child support against the child’s biological parent. If DNA testing is required to establish parenthood, attorneys might also be able to help people file the appropriate motions requesting such information.

Source: Huffington Post, “Cops Help Struggling Single Dad“, August 21, 2013