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Can I Get A Divorce If My Spouse Is Financially Irresponsible?

If you have dreams and financial goals, being with a spouse who is financially irresponsible could wreck everything that you have planned. You have done your best to work with your spouse and try to address this issue, but nothing has worked. It is not uncommon for people to think of pursuing a divorce at this point, especially if there are children involved who need to have someone thinking of their future. Our Morris County, NJ divorce lawyers are ready to help you leave a spouse who is financially irresponsible and an obstacle to your life plans.

Is Being Financially Irresponsible Grounds for Divorce?

Not technically, but it can be enough reason to go for a no-fault divorce with irreconcilable differences. If you have lived in New Jersey long enough and have decided that you can no longer work on these problems that you have with your spouse, including their lack of financial stability, you can file for divorce. You do not need to wait until you have the grounds for a fault-based divorce.

If My Spouse is Financially Irresponsible, Can That Affect the Property Division Process?

Yes, if your spouse is prone to wasting your money then that should definitely be addressed at some point during the property division process. Now, New Jersey is an equitable division state. This means that the assets of marriage are divided up in an equitable way, but not necessarily 50/50.

If one spouse is financially irresponsible and has thrown away a significant amount of money, then they could be seen as squandering marital assets. Even if their goal was not to affect the property division process, they still look like they are trying to take a chunk of the marital property and leave you with less.

We can help you show how your spouse’s financial “acumen” has harmed you, your family, and your marriage. Then we can argue that you deserve a bigger cut of the marital property as a result.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

A divorce lawyer can be helpful at every stage of this process, even if you and your spouse forgo litigation in favor of arbitration or mediation. Your lawyer can:

  • Help you show how your spouse has been financially responsible
  • Argue for more favorable spousal and child support agreements
  • Keep track of important deadlines and court dates for you
  • Handle all communications on your behalf
  • Answer any questions that you have

Representing yourself in a case like this is tough, especially because emotions are prone to come into play in any divorce. Our compassionate lawyers can be of assistance through this entire proceeding.

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