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Obtaining A Passport For Your Child As A Single Parent

Morris County NJ Children's Passport LawyersIf you are a single parent it may be difficult to obtain a passport for your child. This difficulty is only exacerbated when you do not know where the child’s other parent is located. Generally, the State Department requires both parents to sign an application for a child’s passport. When one parent is missing and cannot be located, a court order is needed to allow the moving parent to obtain a passport for the parties’ child without the other parent’s authorization. If you are able to obtain a Court Order it should read:

1. [Plaintiff/Defendant]’s request to travel outside the United States with the parties’ minor child [Name, Date of Birth] is granted. The [plaintiff/defendant] shall be permitted to remove the minor child from the jurisdiction and outside the United States for the purpose of family trips and/or vacations.

2. [Plaintiff/Defendant] shall be permitted to apply for, and obtain, a United States Passport for the parties’ minor child [Name, Date of Birth] without the signature of the [plaintiff/defendant.]

3. Plaintiff shall be permitted to sign the required documentation to obtain valid passports for the minor child [Name, Date of Birth] as attorney in fact on behalf of the [plaintiff/defendant.]

It is very important to follow the proper procedure to obtain a passport for your child if you are unable to locate the child’s other parent. Please contact our offices to file the correct application.

-Valerie R. Wane, Esq.