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High Asset Divorce Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Your Own Success

Morris County NJ High Net Divorce LawyersTwo factors can affect how smoothly your division of property and other assets in a divorce can go: how long you have been married, and how prosperous you have become during the marriage. You may have a spacious home, significant liquid assets, a sizeable investment portfolio, additional real estate holdings, pensions and other retirement accounts, and more. You may have structured your holdings to maximize tax advantages, but how will an asset division affect these?

You may not have the time, inclination or willingness to spend large amounts of money when it comes to making decisions about the best way to go through a high-asset divorce. And when the stakes are this high, you probably are also not interested in working with a law firm that is unfamiliar with the complex legal, financial and tax implications that are inherent in such a stressful situation.

Fortunately, if you live in New Jersey there is a practical answer to all of the concerns above. You can retain the services of Townsend Tomaio & Newmark, LLC. Unlike some other family law practices, our attorneys have considerable experience working with clients who have substantial assets that can be subject to New Jersey’s equitable distribution framework. We carefully assess each asset’s actual value, as well as identify specific considerations such as assets connected to a business as well as the status of an asset as a full or partial marital asset.

Even if your divorce is amicable, asset division can still become contentious especially when their value is considerable. To realize the most fair division of tangible and intangible assets from the marriage, you will want an attorney who not only diligently represents your interests but who also has the knowledge and experience to take into account the complexities that high asset divorces entail.

To find out more about how we can help you, we recommend that you begin with our webpage on high net worth divorces, where in addition to useful information about our services you can also arrange to speak with an attorney in an initial consultation.