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Woman Gives Up Baby For Adoption Without Telling Father

Morris County NJ Adoptions AttorneysNew Jersey parents may have heard about the case in which a man learned his ex-girlfriend had given up his daughter without his knowledge or agreement. The case, which occurred in South Carolina, demonstrates how fathers have rights as parents and must be informed about any intention to place a child up for adoption.

Reportedly, the man was in a relationship with his girlfriend when she became pregnant. After she did, the couple talked repeatedly about getting married. The woman withdrew and moved in with her mother, who the man alleges was against the marriage because of their different races.

The ex-girlfriend reportedly kept sending messages assuring him they would marry and get back together. She would not allow him to attend any of her doctor’s appointments or the birth, however. He then learned from another person that she had secretly given the baby up for adoption, a move that he believes was based on her mother’s racism. Upon learning what she had done, he battled through the courts and was awarded full custody of his daughter. Unfortunately, the birth mother had lied to the adoptive parents, who were very torn about the whole case.

This heart-wrenching case demonstrates the importance of fathers asserting their parental rights. While it is good that he was able to win back his daughter, neither he nor the adoptive parents should ever have been put through this situation by the woman. Unmarried fathers must establish their paternity in order to assert their parental rights as a father. An unmarried father may want to seek help from a family law attorney to establish his paternity with the court.

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