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What type of cases can be resolved through Mediation?


Mediation can resolve any sort of divorce case, whether is child custody, high asset case, because as a mediator, we handle the case and manage the case as like a judge would do. If we need to get a forensic accountant in the first mediation session we´ll talk about hiring a forensic accountant to value the business and to figure out the cash flow of one´s spouse and once that evaluation is completed in anywhere from one to three months, then the parties usually return back to mediation and then we work on resolving the issues such as alimony, equal distribution and determining the business owner’s income.

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As long as you and your spouse are committed to mediating your divorce and open and honest communication, you can rest assured that we will do our part to see your divorce ultimately resolved in the much more private, cost-effective, and peaceable manner that mediation does offer.

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