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Should I hire a divorce mediator?

While divorce is fairly common, the process can be painful and unnecessarily difficult. Many people today are turning to mediation to handle divorce disputes rather than litigation. Are you going through a divorce and considering hiring a divorce mediator? Read on to learn more about mediation and how our professional Morristown divorce mediation lawyers can help you!

What is a divorce mediator?

A mediator is a neutral professional who works with both parties through a divorce dispute to minimize conflict. They may also be an attorney, but non-lawyers can serve as mediators too. While traditional divorce litigation places the divorcees on opposite sides in a legal battle where only one person can win, mediation attempts to allow both parties to come to a compromise. This is because the mediator does not just represent one side.

Mediation happens outside of the courtroom, so the mediator is basically in charge of guiding the clients through the correct legal process. The mediator typically meets with both parties at once and generally serves as the middleman between the divorcees. Initially, the mediator informs clients about how the process works and fact-checks all provided documentation, then allows the clients to discuss agreements between themselves. The mediator aims to keep the situation as calm and cordial as possible, actively listening to the needs of both parties and offering helpful suggestions. After discussion, the mediator is responsible for drafting an official agreement for both parties to review and accept.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Mediation can make the divorce process much more pleasant if utilized successfully. Overall, mediation rather than litigation can reduce some pain and trauma that is often associated with divorce. Mitigation is also often cheaper and quicker than the traditional litigation process. Many divorcees today opt for mediation to avoid tension both during and after the divorce process.

How do I know if mediation is right for me?

While mediation is quickly becoming the preferred method for divorce settlements, it may not be the best route for everyone. Mediation is only truly successful with an experienced mediation attorney and if both parties are willing to cooperate. It is vital that both clients want to work towards a mutually acceptable agreement. Working with a mediator is highly beneficial if done correctly, but it may not be helpful for a messy divorce with complex financial arrangements. Mediation may also be court ordered to resolve family law disputes, mostly for divorces involving children. In New Jersey, mediation is actually required for child custody disputes.

If you need help finding a trusted professional mediator, contact Townsend Tomaio & Newmark LLC today for all your divorce needs.