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What Are Some Frequent Reasons Couples Decide To Divorce?

You’ve probably heard that almost half of the marriages end in divorce in the United States. Thankfully, the divorce rate has steadily decreased over the past decade, but the percentage of married couples who get divorced is between 40% and 50%. The rate also varies for each age group, and the divorce rate for married people over the age of 50 (usually called gray divorce) has increased over the past few years. Divorce is an extremely personal situation for each couple, and there are various reasons a married couple could decide to get divorced. To learn more about New Jersey divorce, continue reading or contact one of our Morris County NJ Divorce Lawyers today for quality legal counseling.


There are many different factors that may lead a married couple to ultimately divorce. According to a survey, divorcing couples named the number one reason for their divorce as lack of commitment. This is a vague issue but is the underlying cause of most other problems in a marriage. A pairing where one person is more committed than the other will usually end in disaster. This could lead to many other problems, such as infidelity. Even if neither person cheats on the other, they can still show their lack of commitment by not working towards solving marital problems or shared financial issues. One of the other common reasons for divorce is a lack of communication. Because commitment, trust, and communication are the pillars of a successful marriage, couples may turn to divorce if their marriage is lacking these elements.


Couples can also decide to get divorced even if neither of them is at fault for the marriage’s failure. Another big reason for divorce is the spouses’ incompatibility with each other. If the couple got married at a young age, they are more likely to grow apart and slowly realize they’re not a healthy match for each other. Nobody wants to be constantly arguing in their own home, so many couples get divorced because they’re tired of incessant fighting.

The reason for divorce usually matters, especially if you’re going through the divorce litigation process. People also choose to divorce their partner if they are abusive (physically or emotionally) or have substance issues (like alcoholism or drug addiction). New Jersey courts allow one spouse to legally blame the other spouse for the divorce, which could impact how marital assets are divided between spouses.

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