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Category: Alimony

Can I Modify My Alimony Obligation if I Lose My Job?

When you seek to modify your alimony obligation, the Court is going to analyze the facts of your case and apply it to the statute that specifically addresses the loss of your job. The Court will review your request under one of two provisions under the alimony statute when addressing the modification of alimony due […]


What is a Post-Judgment Modification?

During divorce proceedings, a couple is required to settle their marital issues before they can officially go their separate ways. Once these decisions are reached, they must be approved by the judge in order to be considered the law. When they are finalized, they are required to be followed by both former-spouses, otherwise, they can […]


What Do I Need to Know About Alimony in New Jersey?

A divorce separates two spouses’ lives from one another. However, a clean break may not be possible for all couples. Sometimes, a household may only have one income. These situations can leave one spouse in an unfair situation without an income of their own if they go through a divorce. It is because of this […]


What Divorce Trends Should I Know About in 2020?

As most things do, divorce has changed over time. There have been common similarities between divorces over the years that have caused several trends to arise. These can be beneficial to be aware of, as they have the potential to impact anyone potentially facing a divorce. Continue reading below about these new trends and retain […]


What Replaced Permanent Alimony in New Jersey?

When a divorce occurs where one spouse is financially dependent on the other, alimony may be ordered by the court. These are payments given to the dependent spouse to allow them stability until they are able to provide for themselves. If you are going through a divorce and seeking alimony, contact an experienced New Jersey […]


Can I Modify Alimony Payments in New Jersey?

When spouses divorce and one is financially dependent on the other, alimony payments may be required. The amount that is owed in alimony is determined by the court. However, over time, situations may arise which lead one spouse to believe the amount owed in these payments should change. This may come months or even years […]


Spousal Support in New Jersey

Divorce requires couples to settle several legal matters. Part of this may require spousal support payments, also known as alimony. This is court-ordered support payments from one spouse to another in an effort to support them while they work towards gaining their own independence. Sometimes, couples may have a single-income household. This means that one […]


What type of cases can be resolved through Mediation?

  Mediation can resolve any sort of divorce case, whether is child custody, high asset case, because as a mediator, we handle the case and manage the case as like a judge would do. If we need to get a forensic accountant in the first mediation session we´ll talk about hiring a forensic accountant to […]