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What Divorce Trends Should I Know About in 2020?

As most things do, divorce has changed over time. There have been common similarities between divorces over the years that have caused several trends to arise. These can be beneficial to be aware of, as they have the potential to impact anyone potentially facing a divorce. Continue reading below about these new trends and retain the services of an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney to learn more about the process moving forward. 

Social Media Impact

Over the years, the rise of social media has changed people’s lives in more ways than one. Recently, this has been seen in divorce matters. This is because it makes it easier for people to see the lives of others, including their former spouse. Information found on social media is often used to make a case involving alimony payments in the event the former spouse retires or cohabits with someone else.

Alternatives to Litigation

Many people are turning to alternative dispute resolution for their divorce. Different methods are available in order to allow divorce through healthier discussions. This can include mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorces. These decisions are usually due to saving time and money as well as minimizing the amount of stress that comes from divorce through trial.

Divorce Age

In today’s day and age, more people are getting divorced over the age of 50 years old. The term “gray divorce” has even been coined regarding it. These situations present different challenges from divorces at a younger age. This can be because those of this age usually have fewer working years ahead of them, which can result in having less time to make up financial setbacks as a result of the divorce. Estate matters also come into play, as new medical directives and powers of attorney need to be appointed as well as beneficiaries to certain accounts must be redone. 

Shared Parenting Time

In the past, child custody was often immediately awarded to a child’s mother. However, with a rise in two-income families, shared parenting time arrangements have become more common. While 50/50 parenting time with a child is ideal, it is not always possible. It is more likely when former spouses live close enough to one another.

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