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Non-Traditional Families Morris County, NJ

Less than half of all American families are what would formerly be considered “traditional”. In fact, our family law attorneys hesitate to even use the term traditional as the concept is quickly fading away. Thankfully, legislation and state laws are changing to reflect this as well. With same sex marriage becoming legal at a state and federal level, judges considering tri-parenting child […]


Chatham Township Hosts Domestic Violence Conference

The Chatham Township Committee, along with the Jersey Battered Woman Services (JBWS), held a conference to help stop domestic abuse throughout Morris County. On Tuesday, October 18th, Chatham Township and JBWS spoke about the issue around domestic violence, not only in Morris County, but also throughout the entire state of New Jersey. JBWS spokeswoman Regina […]


How DCPP Can Affect Your Child Custody Case in New Jersey

For parents who are going through a custody battle over their children, it’s hard enough to deal with the stress and anxiety, without adding outside factors such as the Division of Child Protection and Permanency to the mix. Many parents separate or divorce after bitter disagreements, and unfortunately their children may become the largest source […]