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How Does a Collaborative Divorce Work?

The process of divorce can prove to be very complicated. This is especially so if it goes through litigation. Spouses who go through a contested divorce may find themselves in these situations. However, there are many couples who choose to avoid litigation. This is because during those proceedings, their assets may be subject to equitable […]


Can a Prenuptial Agreement be Contested in New Jersey?

A large, well-known part of divorce proceedings is the division of the couple’s assets between the two of them. In many cases, the couple may have to go to court in order to decide which assets belong to whom. However, there are other couples that prepare early on in the event of a future divorce. […]


Do I Need a New Jersey Divorce Attorney?

Going through a divorce is a very trying time in an individual’s life. It involves numerous legal matters that can be difficult for a spouse to navigate on their own. It is because of this that it is important to retain the services of an experienced and compassionate New Jersey divorce attorney for assistance. This […]


What Do I Need to Know About Divorce Mediation in New Jersey

There are many couples who wish to go through a divorce outside of the courtroom. It is because of this that other alternative methods exist that allow them to do so. One of the most common alternative methods of divorce is mediation. This is a process that exists without litigation or the assistance of a […]


What to Expect in a First Meeting With a Divorce Attorney

Divorce proceedings are complex and can be challenging for all parties involved. Throughout it, several legal matters must be taken care of. These are matters of great importance that can impact your future as well as the future of your family. It is because of this that they should not be taken lightly. During this […]