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Equitable Divorce Attorneys Morris County NJ

Oct 16, 2018

Benefits of Mediation

Divorce Mediation

One of the first steps in a divorce is to determine what dispute resolution option is best for you. The two most common options are to go through the traditional courtroom process or work out an agreement through mediation. Which option is right for you? What are the benefits of mediation? What are the drawbacks?

Below is a short summary of some of the positives and negatives of mediation. Of course, whether mediation is right for you will depend on the facts of your case. The family law attorneys and mediators at Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, L.L.C., can help you determine whether you should take your case to mediation or court. Contact our law firm in Morristown, New Jersey, to learn more.

Why Choose Mediation?

There are many benefits to mediation, including:

  1. Less expensive: Mediation is typically a less costly alternative to traditional courtroom divorce.
  2. Less time: The court system is backlogged with cases, and it can take a long time to get a court date, let alone move through the entire divorce process. The amount of time your mediation will take depends largely on the number of issues you need to resolve, not a court’s calendar.
  3. More amicable: Compared with courtroom litigation, mediation tends to be more amicable and lead to results that last. Courts are adversarial systems by nature; mediation is collaborative by nature. The goal of mediation is to come away with a mutually satisfactory agreement.
  4. Customized, mutually beneficial settlements: If you bring your case to court, there will likely be times when the judge makes your decisions for you. In fact, there may be times when neither party agrees with the judge’s decision. Mediation is a way for you and your spouse to come to your own decisions based on your lives and your experiences, not what a judge believes them to be.
  5. Private/confidential: What you say in mediation is confidential and cannot be used against you in a later court case. Nothing will be aired to the public. Mediation is also a good option when there are kids involved who could be damaged by a public/contentious courtroom battle.

Which Forum Is Right for You? Contact Us.

To speak with a highly qualified and experienced lawyer about conflict resolution options for your divorce, call 866-957-2982 or contact our law firm online.

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