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Visitation And Parenting Plans In New Jersey

Morris County NJ Parenting Plan AttorneysWhen a couple with children divorces, it is common for there to be disagreements related to when a child stays with each parent. In particular, special occasions and holidays, such as Christmas or the child’s birthday, are times when both parents are determined to have the child stay with them. Parenting plans can help individuals create a schedule for visitation ahead of time.

Parenting plans can be very specific, determining the exact dates when each parent has a child, or they can be simple, stating that each parent has every other holiday with a child. The plan will depend on each parent’s desires and needs, but it must be agreed upon by both individuals for it to work.

When working on a parenting plan, it is important that both individuals understand that they will likely need to give up days that they would like to spend with their child. Both parents will probably want to spend all holidays with their child, but since this is not possible, a compromise must be reached. People may find it helpful to celebrate a holiday on a day before or after the actual calendar date so they do not feel like they have missed an important event in the child’s life.

When a couple decides to end their marriage, there are a number of issues that must be decided in their divorce proceedings. Important divorce outcomes include who gets custody of a child and who is required to pay child support. Though these decisions are made through mediation or through the court, if an individual’s situation changes, they may desire to request a modification of custody or child support. A lawyer might be able to assist a parent in pursuing such a modification.