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Social Media in Your New Jersey Divorce

Morris County NJ Social Media and Divorce LawyersMy mother always said “If you do not want someone to read it…do not write it.” That was good advice long before the Internet, Facebook and Twitter came along. Social Media is the way we communicate with one another to a large degree. And there is nothing wrong with posting pictures of vacations or tweeting the fact that you just got engaged. But what you have to remember is once tweeted, your thoughts and comments are “out there” for all to see…for eternity.

When going through a divorce or custody battle, one must be especially careful what they post. For example, Wife goes out with girlfriends and after a few drinks, starts posting about how she and her new boyfriend just moved in together. This is now available evidence that would hurt any chance of her obtaining the alimony she was asking for. Likewise, the separated husband posts pictures of himself and his girlfriend, vacationing in the Caribbean, dressed as though they were going through a marriage ceremony. This could be viewed as evidence of adultery and/or bigamy.

Sites liked LinkedIn can provide a plethora of useful information. Maybe the Husband has just gotten a promotion that he failed to tell his wife about, or maybe someone has a small business, in addition to their primary job that the husband knows nothing about.

The best advice is to simply not post anything while in the midst of your divorce or other litigation. Our highly experienced New Jersey divorce attorneys always advise our clients to maintain as much of their privacy as possible during these proceedings, as you never know what may be used to undermine your case. For additional information and a cost-free consultation, contact the Morris County law offices of Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark today at 973-840-8970.